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On one of the numerous islands of western Indonesia, one tribe continues living in deep connection with nature

Join Lunar Tribe, preserve Mentawai traditions

On one of the numerous islands of western Indonesia, one tribe continues living in deep connection with nature. The people of Mentawai Tribe preserved their beliefs despite societal change and fast globalization. Today, the new generation has taken it upon themselves to share part of their culture with the world.

Tattoo master

The indigenous people of the Mentawai Tribe believe in the deep meaning of their tattoos, each symbol representing belonging, stage in life, achievements, and so much more. These tattoos have the power to attract their souls, so they remain within.

50% from each NFT sale will be donated as charity to support Mentawai Tribe

To help Mentawai people preserve and share their tradition with the world, we’ve created a unique NFT collection, Lunar Tribe. Each art features the designs created by Ray, tattoo artist of the Mentawai Tribe.

Now, you have an opportunity to help Mentawai save this enigmatic tradition by becoming a part of the Lunar Tribe.

Meet the Heroes of the Lunar Tribe

Become a Part of the Lunar Tribe

Lunar Tribe people are serene creatures on a mission to nurture and protect the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Guiding them in a peaceful direction to the benefit of all living beings.

Join the tribe
Keepers Common, guardians of elements
Shamans Rare, leaders of the villages
High Priests Legendary

Reap the fruits of your tribal life

Become one with your Lunar Tribe hero by getting the same tattoos on your body

Get rewards you will be able to use in an upcoming Metaverse and play-to-earn game

Join a tight-knit DAO of the project and have a say in its future developments. Each NFT holder has 1 vote.

Become a holder of a High Priest to visit the Mentawai Tribe and get a real tattoo by Ray

the Lunar Tribe

3777 Keepers
2222 Shamans
888 High Priests
1 Tribal Leader


Project Launch & Collection Pre-Sale
Full Collection Mint
Documentary Shooting
Mentawai Cultural Center Building


Paburutkerey (Ray) Mentawai Tribe Representative, Tattoo Artist, Co-founder
Ellina Shuliachenko Co-founder, CEO
Mariia Vozniak Co-founder, NFT Artist
Alexander Muravev Chief Technology Officer
Jakub Pajer Chief Operating Officer
Jordan Trowell Chief Marketing Officer
Dima Polider Community Manager
Alexey Smirnov Smart Contract Developer
Itay Alon Advisor
Shalva Machitidze Advisor
Pavel Diukov Advisor


1. When is the mint?

Presale mint is scheduled on 27th of February, 2023.
Public sale will be announced. Follow our social media.

2. What is the price of NFT?


3. What is the supply?

6,888 NFTs.
400 are available for the presale.
Remaining 6488 will be available for the main sale event.

4. How many NFTs per wallet?

You can mint 5 NFTs per wallet.

5. What wallet should I use?

We recommend Metamask.

6. Do I need whitelist to mint?

Yes. But if some reserved spots won’t be taken, the rest of NFTs will be available on the FCFS (first come first serve) basis.

7. How to get whitelisted?

Check our Discord server.
There is a category Get whitelisted with all the information:
#roles-info: If you get one of the 3 special roles, you will be whitelisted.
#invite-contest: If you invite 5 new members, you will be whitelisted.
#rank-contest: If you reach level 10, you will be whitelisted.

8. What is the secondary market?


9. What do I need to do to get tattooed by Ray, Mentawai Tribe artist?

To get your tattoo done by Ray, you need to be an owner of High Priest Lunar Tribe NFT.

10. Where will the 30% of all NFT sales go?

The amount will go to the Mentawai Tribe for the development of the community center. Money will be transfered to the DAO wallet. We are transparent and we will share the wallet address with you.

For Investors

Our mission is to spread awareness about the Mentawai Tribe’s millennia-old tattoo tradition.

Our long-term strategy covers multiple NFT collections, a P2E game, and a Metaverse that will allow Lunar Tribe NFT holders to fulfill their avatars’ potential and earn more.

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